A Brief History

SaileshWhat does the name mean?

It’s a play on words! My name is Sailesh, or Sail as in boat, not as in January sale. It’s an introduction that has stuck with me for over twenty years, harking back to the times when people couldn’t pronounce my name correctly!

How long has As in Boat been running?

As in Boat has been in business since December 2011. My experience comes from working in marketing communications for education, engineering, technology and software businesses over the last 20+ years. I specialise in marketing communications and productivity and get immense satisfaction seeing businesses succeed as a result of my help. Who wouldn’t though, right?

What made you go into marketing?

It came about by accident in 1994, but when it happened it felt right and I knew that’s what I would be good at and enjoy. My first job was working for my family in a newsagent (well, I had to tick that stereotype box once in my lifetime). I found out I had a knack for increasing sales by rearranging the magazines on the shelves, with hobby and interest magazines at eye level for adults, and children’s magazines on the lower shelves. It was one of those lightbulb moments when I realised that this was something that I could see clear as day, and could do instinctively. For the record, I want to say quite categorically: I did not touch the magazines on the top shelf 🙂

What services do you offer clients?

As in Boat provides marketing services, hand-in-hand with writing copy for print and digital, including press releases, blogs and all manner of marketing collateral. This business serves as a one-stop-shop for materials production, online and offline. Examples include websites and mini sites, catalogues, presentations, briefing sheets or guides, posters, flyers, surveys and e-newsletters. One of my greatest strengths is productivity support. This means helping customers identify and plug holes in areas that are inefficient in their businesses. A client may have a problem and not know how to go about solving it, or may not have fully embraced working online or in the Cloud yet. This is where I can really help. It could be setting up processes, tools, communications, project management systems, research or surveys.

Why should clients use As in Boat?

Clients have been impressed with my work and experience, and I regularly get repeat business. As in Boat acts as an extension of my client’s team, often taking full responsibility for projects, from planning, management to implementation.

How are you different to other companies?

With As in Boat, you get a personable and experienced individual (that’s me!) who will integrate well into your team, be they a small business, medium or an enterprise. I am a great listener and will always ensure my client’s needs are understood and achievable, before embarking on a working relationship. I attempt to find low cost and low energy solutions to help clients make the best of their budget.

A client recently said I “use technology in amazing ways”, which I quite liked!

What do you enjoy about your job the most?

I love helping people solve problems.

It’s simple as that and it’s what I do best. It’s been the overriding theme in all of the marketing roles I have had. I am good at identifying and solving problems and inefficiencies quickly, resulting in time and cost savings for the client and their business. And let’s face it, we can all do with a lot more time and money on our hands, can’t we?

Which three words would you use to describe you and As in Boat?

Creative, efficient and friendly.