What happened when I didn’t log into Facebook for 48 hours

So what happened when I didn’t log into Facebook for 48 hours? Nothing at all. Everything remained the same and I was fine.

Haha, that is true, I’m still alive and didn’t combust because I didn’t know what was happening to my friends and networkers for 2 days.

I have to admit, it was largely an accidental time off Facebook. My family came to visit and stayed overnight and spending time with them was a lot of fun!

Doing stuff

When they were together for roughly 24 hours, we…No Facebook

  • sat around catching up
  • drank lots of tea, coffee and orange juice
  • played fun games of quoits in the garden
  • scoffed dinner and a couple of desserts
  • enjoyed Prosecco, lager, red wine, vodka and orange juice between us
  • laughed playing Dobble around the dinner table
  • watched a little telly
  • snacked a lot on crisps and custard tarts
  • chatted and giggled loads
  • ate breakfast at the table in the morning
  • walked a few miles to town and back
  • sat in the garden eating biscuits

Sounds like a lot of things to be doing, and enough to be distracted enough not to open Facebook and see what everyone was up to, but it wasn’t really. Some of the time we were sat around doing nothing. I didn’t feel I needed to know what was going on or crave the attention of the outside world when I was having a good time. Or the need to shout about it either.

No notifications

This was easier since I turned off Facebook notifications on my iPhone and iPad months ago. I haven’t seen pop ups when I’m tagged, mentioned or Friend-requested for a while now. It’s better now that I can choose when I want to open Facebook to have a look what’s going on in the world. I really enjoy the freedom turning notifications off has given me. They are turned off on my Mac too which helps during the working day!

Getting productive

After my family left I was still on a high; I had a really enjoyable time. So instead of opening Facebook and getting lost in the madness like I have always done, I took the time to catch up on some articles I’d clipped into Evernote, jotted down a list of blog posts I’m going to write (about time, much?!) and made time for some self-development reading too. I was very pleased with myself 😃

“But what’s the message…?”

What I learned the last few days is that if you are happy in your space, you don’t need any external validation or suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out). Moral of the story – try and be happy where you are. Easy to say though, right?


2 thoughts on “What happened when I didn’t log into Facebook for 48 hours

  • 11 September 2016 at 17:37

    One of the best things I ever did was make the decision not to take the phone or tablet through to bed at nighttime. They’re put on charge in my office and cannot be a distraction throughout the night.

    Now that critical moment, when you wake to turn the pillow over, is no longer punctuated by the need to check my email and I am back asleep in seconds rather than minutes.

    It did take quite a while to adjust to, but I heartily recommend it to people who insist on taking their phones to bed with them!

    • 11 September 2016 at 20:10

      Great advice Mark, although a tough one to put into practice for most. Another good way to ensure a good sleep is no TV in the bedroom which I haven’t had for over 15 years now. It makes the bedroom a place of serenity, which is nice for a place I’m going to sleep!

      My pre-bedtime ritual does involve scrolling through Instagram (more than Facebook these days) and then picking up my Kindle to read a crime thriller before turning in. And that helps with the Zzzzzs too!


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