Let the music move you

I think it’s useful you get to know the man behind the company, so occasionally I will write a post to talk about something that’s important to me. I hope you stick around and find it interesting enough!

Unless you know me, you won’t know that music is one of my biggest passions. I have been addicted to the way music transports you to another time, place or feeling. I have loved its effect for the longest time, 30 years to be precise. Gulp.

It all started in summer 1985, when my brother returned home one weekend from a summer job working in Harrods’ audio and music department. As well as bringing home his washing, he bought with him a brand new 12″ record.

The yellow price label in the top right read £2.49. That record was Into The Groove by Madonna. I’m not sure if it was the song or the video that seduced me first, but I was spellbound by how it made me feel completely new things!

It was the first time I had heard music that made me want to get up and dance. I wasn’t even a teen yet so I had no idea how to dance (and I still don’t know now), but something in the chorus and bridge struck a chord that I have never forgotten. It was perfect and powerful pop music.

Madonna-into-the-grooveOnly when I’m dancing can I feel this free
At night I lock the doors, where no one else can see
I’m tired of dancing here all by myself
Tonight I wanna dance with someone else

Bob Dylan lyrics they are not, but those words felt like they were written for me. I suppose I was a little shy at that age, still trying to figure out who I was, what I liked and what interested me. But then bang! When Into The Groove came along with its drums, classic 80s synth and bouncy bassline, I was awestruck with the song and Madonna as an artist. How was it possible to create a perfect pop-dance song that sounded like nothing else I had ever heard. There must have been some witchcraft or wizardry involved. Another 870,000+ people thought the same that year.

Pop music in the rest of 1985 in the UK was amazing. Without even thinking about it consciously, I was listening to, loving and remembering all kinds of songs that moved me. I unwittingly became a bit of a music geek. But that’s for another time.

I have my big brother to thank for opening my eyes and ears to music moved me. Let me know which songs and music move you from 1985 or thereabouts.

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