Accountability Partner

Distractions, overwhelm, stress and lack of motivation

If any of the following sounds familiar, keep reading…Distractions, overwhelm, stress and lack of motivation

  • Distracted easily from what you need to get done
  • Overwhelmed or stressed because you don’t know where to start
  • Want to replace anxiety with clarity and get important work done
  • Trouble starting, continuing or finishing a project
  • Want to be more motivated, more regularly
  • Want to get good work done more consistently
  • Want to be happier, accomplished, motivated and energised.


Getting motivated when you’re self-employed

Many of us can find it difficult to get started on a task or project, especially when you’re self-employed. It can be hard to get motivated and keep focused on the important things. You don’t have a manager to report progress to or check you are on the right track with your goals. These things that make your business grow and help you develop personally.

Wouldn’t it be great to get this support for your own business? Someone who motivates you, keeps you focused on your goals and gives you the tools you need to get more things done?

So when you are on top of your game and getting more things done, you’ll be more profitable and perfect your output for your clients.


An Accountability Partner can help

Getting an Accountability Partner on your side is like investing in a Bookkeeper to sort out your receipts. Both take away the stress of having to think about important, yet necessary parts of your business that you simply have to get done.

It can be hard to get motivated and just get on. It can be so overwhelming and you might feel like running away. You don’t know where to start. You just want to get away from what’s causing you stress and anxiety.

You might decide to do something easy and fun and feel like you have accomplished something important. Perhaps you have worked on a task for 20 minutes and felt a huge sense of achievement and then rewarded yourself the rest of the day off.

If this sounds familiar and you have trouble getting started, you could benefit from an Accountability Partner to help you use your time more efficiently.


Goals and the right direction

If you haven’t got your goals and tasks in hand yet, I can help you set these up so you can be ready for your most successful day, week, month and year! With the right direction, you’ll be happier and more motivated to get working on the things that matter.

With regular calls and tried-and-tested tools, you’ll get your projects started and completed more efficiently and faster, especially during those times when you really don’t feel like doing them.


What’s on offer?

Talk to me about getting out of a rut and into a more productive and efficient way of being.

How we help you get more things done:

  • One on One training
    • goal setting
    • developing habits
    • time management
  • Regular call on Monday to discuss task and project goals for the week
  • Regular call on Friday to discuss what went well and what could have been better
  • If required, calls during the week if you get stuck and need a helping hand
  • Worksheets, handouts, tools and tips on how to get going and stay focused.


Feel much better

I can help you get more of your tasks and projects started, worked on and completed. You will be left feeling much happier, more accomplished, really motivated and more energised.

Get in touch for more information.