Social Media

If you’re starting out in social media, it can be very overwhelming deciding which networks to use and why you should use them, what to post and say to people and even how often to do it.

This is where a social media manager can help you make sense of all the clutter, disorganisation and fear. If you’re looking for more customers and engagement, we can look at your plans and manage these for you.

This can involve an assessment or audit, setting goals and objectives and measuring them, defining and understanding your target audiences, using tools and tactics, and integrating social media into your existing and future marketing activities.

Here’s what we can get started on for you:

  1. Social media tidy up – let us clean up your inbox or your direct messages in Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.
  2. Develop systems – we will develop systems that will work for you and help with research too.
  3. Status updates – As it can be very time-consuming to do all the research and run your business, we can post status updates for you so you don’t have to worry about it. Interesting content relevant to your business and industry will be researched and posted so your customers can gain value from your online presence.
  4. Applications – It can be difficult to keep up with the latest tools that help with your social media success. We are continually investigating the latest productivity tools for social media online and mobile to make things run efficiently.
  5. Determine the best platforms – You may enjoy using Twitter, but might be missing out the potential Facebook or LinkedIn can offer. We can monitor profiles on other networks to help expand your exposure online.
  6. Social media support – We are available to you to answer any questions you might have about any social media plans or campaigns.
  7. Maintenance – You may feel that you’re not being authentic if you are not answering all of the tweets or messages yourselves. We are here to support you and develop relationships and engagement, helping you succeed in the online world.

We can take the headaches and stress off your shoulders. And help you with the technology you may or may not have time to learn.

Let us reach out to your new customers and share your business, vision, service or product with them. If you would like to discuss anything further, please get in touch.